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About Us

All Transactions are structured on Turnkey Basis. Financialbridge works with associated Company, Techmodular for Turnkey Project Financing and Implementation Management, covering: Packaging, Qualifying, Processing and Procuring Trade Loans and Project Finance for Transactions promoted by our Clients.Working with leading Plants, Machinery and Equipment (P,M&E) Suppliers, Manufacturers and Vendors, as well as Technical Management and Independent Engineering Companies to facilitate successful Turnkey Execution, Start-up and Operation of related Projects. Sourcing and procuring U.S. and International Trade Products, Industrial Plants and Machinery for Export, complete with Training and Expatriate Management Support for Implementation, Operation and Maintenance requirements of related Projects.Liaising with appointed local Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractors to perform Project Site Survey, Soil Test, Clearing & Leveling, Fencing and set-up of Project Site Offices to support Foundation Construction and Installation of related Plants, Machinery and Equipment .Designing and Developing Training and Expatriate Management Support  for the Operations and Maintenance requirements of the Projects. 

Target Markets For U.S. Export Finance

  • Africa​
  • ​​Central & South America​
  • The Middle East Eastern
  • Europe
  • ​Southeast Asia

Procurement of Trade and Project Loans

Market Research -  Indentifying Trade Products, Industrial Plants and Machinery that are suitable for our Clients’ Transactions.

Feasibility Studies -  Conducting Studies to develop Bankable Marketing and Business Plans for related Projects and Trade Transactions.

Statutory Documentation– Packaging supporting documentation, combined with Marketing and Business Plans to satisfy the requirements of Financial Institutions and Lenders that are interested in financing related Transactions. ​
Export Trade Finance – Trade Loans with  short term tenure of up to one year to support U.S.Export Transactions.

Project Finance – Medium Term Financing, structured for start-up or expansion of existing Industrial & Commercial Projects worldwide, with repayment terms of 5 to 7 Years .

Public Sector Financing – Long Term Loans of 7 through 12 years for Infrastructure and Project Development. Utilizes Country Sovereign Guarantee within existing Bilateral /Multilateral Agreements or Structured Commercial Credit Guarantees to cover related U.S. Loans.

Export Working Capital - Facilities for U.S. Exporters that require Pre-export Financing for goods or services through the use of Institutional Guaranteed Export Facility for up to one year.

Equity Financing – Funds raised from Private or Institutional Investors through use of different Financial Instruments including Private Placement of Shares of Common Stock of Issuing Companies.