Commercial & Industrial Sectors Served

Oil and Gas: (Modular Oil Refineries, Gas Gathering & Processing Plants, Pipelines, & Downstream Petrochemical Projects)

Energy: (Gas Turbines and Diesel Power Plants, Wind and Solar Power Projects)

Communications: (Wireless VSAT Network VoIP Telephone , Fax, High Speed Broadband Internet Systems & Cable TV)

Solid Minerals: (Mining & Processing)

Manufacturing and Assembly: (Micro, Small  and Medium Scale Plants)

Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structures: (Homes, Warehouses & Office Buildings, Stadiums & Arenas, Industrial Parks and Business Incubators)

Agri-Business: (Commercial Farming & Food Processing Projects)

Healthcare: (Pre-Engineered Medical Centers,   Pharmaceutical Projects, Medical Trailers & Boat Clinics) 

Hospitality and Tourism: (Amusement Parks, Hotels & Resorts)

Aviation: (Used & New Passenger & Cargo Aircrafts, Helicopters, Airport Development & Expansion, Avionics & Spare Parts)

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